Coronavirus as Creative Catalyst

It's April 2020. Planet Earth is in pandemic mode and the anniversary of my thirty-fifth year on it is quickly approaching- I guess it's time to start blogging again!

Though Instagram has become my socialmedia of choice for sharing pictures and keeping up the "stubecontinued brand." Eye-Roll!  I have, like many people, now found myself with more time and and a nagging motivation to write again.

Going forward this space will be less dominated by "here are my bikes" and more by "here's what's going on and how I feel about it." I love to learn, and I love to aggregate and spout forth the information I've gathered, so you might expect an essay or report every now and then. I also love stories and pop-culture and intend to focus more on those topics as they pertain to my interests.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on: bicycles, history, the outdoors, books, science, music, DIY, vintage, television and movies, the human condition and more. 

All of the old content will remain but let's call this a relaunch. 


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