Marin Cross

More from the Miwok/Bobcat/Old Springs/Marincello continuum, also known as Gerbode and Tennessee Valleys.
Riding the cross bike is totally different than my usual rigid SS Monocog flight, the uphills are great, but the downhills get sketchy rather soon. There is only so much a mediocre 32c 'cross tire can handle before a pinch flat or a wipeout.  Old Springs Trail got especially hairy during the stair section.
This ride and it's wipeouts were a definite factor in my decision to purchase some smoother tires for further on road pursuits (My thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding the Ruffy Tuffy tires by Rivendell and Panaracer to follow.)  For now I'll leave the trail to the trail bike (mostly) and the road to the cross/adventure bike (mostly.)


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