Pinarello. Steel. Cyclocross.

I'm loving my new bike.

I picked up this classic downtube shifting Pinarello cyclocross frame a few months ago from Aubrey at his shop Refried Cycles (a great shop deserving of a post all it's own).  When I got the frame it was a sad sight indeed; sprayed (maybe brushed?) with a thick and gloppy coat of flat red paint.  I proceeded to chemically strip and sand the frame down to bare metal in preparation for powder coating or spray bombing.


In the end I decided to spray paint the Pin' myself; I figured the way I go through bicycles there was a good chance I might be selling off the frame sooner than later so why spend the money on a pro job now?  After a few days of priming and sanding smooth I sprayed on the colonial red.  After a few days of drying, sanding, and re-coating I used some Testors model paint to embellish the lug cutouts and Pinarello logos.


Even though I know spray paint chips much more readily than a professional paint, I did my best to do the paint job by the book.  Multiple clear coats were applied to protect the paint from the abuse I plan to dish out on this thing. After a month or so of riding the paint job is really suffering, and I look forward to getting a better one soon.

I built up the bike with a mix of new and used, vintage and modern parts with an emphasis on durability and an eye towards bargains.  Specs:
Vintage Pinarello Cyclocross Frame
New Shimano 105 hubs laced to Mavic Open Sport 32h rims, 11-28t 8spd Deore XT cassette (eBay)
Vintage Deore XT front derailer, XTR rear (eBay)
Rivendell Silver friction bar end shifters (Refried Cycles)
Vintage Shimano Deore XT Crankset, 44/34 gearing (scored off an old Ibis I recently flipped)
Vintage Deore XT cantilever brakes with the preferred Koolstop salmon compound pads  (Ibis)
Dura Ace seatpost, Selle Italia Flite saddle (Refried, Craigslist)
Nitto 90 degree quill stem and SOMA Hwy One compact road bars (Refried, American Cyclery)
Ritchey Cross Comp Tires ( I had one, so I only had to buy one more!)


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