Staircase to Heaven

A few days ago I explored the trail network at Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve for the first time, and it was great!  After a convoluted effort to find my way to the mountain-bikable trails I found a savior in spandex who beckoned me to "Follow! It's Awesome!"

I bounced and skidded my way after him on my over inflated tires and eventually had to stop to air down; once I did the fun truly began.  The trails were great: fast and twisty, with rolling jumps and bermed switchbacks.  I felt like I was really mountain biking, right here in The City!

I've since found out through the guys on the MTBR forums that there are a few different groups which advocate for and work on the trail system:  SFUrbanRiders and Sutro Stewards. I look forward to checking out both of these organizations and doing my part to promote mountain biking in San Francisco.

At the bottom of the trail system I came out on Stanyan to a staircase which I had completely missed when trying to find the entrance.  Now I know how to get in.

I wish I had taken more pictures, and that I hadn't filmed the whole thing with my helmet cam upside down!  Oh well, an excuse to go back.  Like today.


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