Mount Sutro: Round 2

I just returned from an amazing ride up and around the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco.  I think this time I got Mt. Sutro right.

The ride began with a slog up the road to the Twin Peaks lookout; I stopped and drank in the city form this lofty perch while recovering from the aforementioned grind up the hill.

I had done my homework this time; I knew that I could hop the guard rail at the second hairpin and meander my way to the trails running down the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.  I was not getting lost or pushing my bike up any impassable trails today!

I stopped briefly at Sutro Tower to take some vanity shots (The first one) and made my way down the twisty singletrack to 17th Avenue and home.  Luckily I only encountered one very nice lady and her very cute dog on the trail as I was hopped up on adrenaline and really flying down. Video was shot, which I'll post when I figure out how.  I can see how these trails, linked with a GGP ride at the end could make for a very enjoyable couple hours of riding.  I did all this in less than one hour, door to door.


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