My Most Local Trails

This morning I seized the opportunity presented by the relative dryness to go for a quick off road jaunt at what is probably the nearest trail to my front door.  I assume the trail to be semi-legal do to the lack of those "crossed-out-bike-symbol" signs.  The entrance is conveniently located between two compact sedans.

 It's what my friends and I would call a "thieves road," the side trail a highwayman might use to overtake a passing carriage traveling the main way.  Yeah, I'm a dork.

Notice the cars and apartments looming just past the trees, the trail is really just a strip of land between two busy streets.

There is a short, rocky technical section.....

Those pesky no-bike signs always seem to hang above the tastiest singletrack.

It's pretty nice to have a mini redwood forest fifteen minutes up the road and down the trail.


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