Bay Dirt Continued

My last off road ride (the kind of ride I truly love) took me back to Marin for some loop action.  After doing some research, I actually planned my ride; a quick jaunt on the Miwok trail connecting to the bobcat trail for the way home.

Vultures circled as I took my first break towards the top of the Miwok trail.

The trail consists of gravely fire roads, with a few short sections of fun singletrack and one section of rocky tech riding.

I made a detour to the Hawk Camp, a campground tucked away at the top (of course) of another dirt path.
On the way out I road up these boulders, stepped off my bike, and snapped this shot.

At what should have been the end of my dirt ride I decided to climb one more hill.  An what a hill it was.  I'm sure glad the ride home from Marin is mostly down.

At the top of Slacker Ridge I was treated to great views.


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