It's Me Against the Slanted Ground

My last ride took me back to Marin for more fire road fun.  This time time I passed Kirby Cove and slogged up the hill to the roundabout, where I found my next piece of bay dirt.

I spotted this trail head just as another mountain biker pedaled out of the entrance.  The sign read "Coastal Trail" and explained that the trail was legal for bikes and horses.

The path was a pretty mellow mix of gravel and hard pack service road/horse trail, all down hill with some fun turns.

From the the other end of the trail it seemed to be called "Slacker Ridge," I would later find it an appropriate name.

Immediately across the paved road I found the Rodeo Valley Trail, with an hour to spare before I had to head back to the city I decided to press on.

And up.
The ride proved to be rather tame, not counting the never ending climbing.  The way down was a blast, and at the bottom I was treated to a rare sight.


A bobcat!


  1. looks epic. glad you're getting this much exploration in!


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