Newly Bike-Centered Life

After a decade of devotion to the two wheeled idol I am happy to say I've joined the clergy.

What began as a Sunday side-gig to my "real" job in luxury hospitality management became a catalyst to a huge life change- I have left my comfortable position for something less certain but infinitely more rewarding. I get to work in the Retrogrouch shop!

Adam, with a wee bike.
Refried Cycles is a small bike shop in the Castro-Mission neighborhood of San Francisco; we specialize in restorations and rebuilds of lugged steel bikes from the 80's and 90's. We have a large collection of vintage parts and new accessories as well as a full service repair shop.

The new job also allows much more time and mental energy for riding and touring so stay tuned for a relaunched Stubecontinued.

From a recent two-night tour.


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