Tuesday, November 13

Glen Canyon Trails

I've been meaning to make the trek out to Glen Canyon Park for a while now and last week I finally made it.  Fun, but too tiny to warrant the trip.

Monday, November 12

Ruffy Tuffy

Great skinwall tires from Rivendell. So round, so supple, so Ruffy Tuffy.


Solo single speed sub-24hr overnight to Hawk Camp in Marin Headlands. 
Backpack, and sleeping bag strapped to the saddle.

Slept in the hammock, watched X-Files on the iPhone; oh what a world.

Viva human powered camping!

Nice Bike! Dutch Bike at the DMV

I spotted this neat old utility bike from Amsterdam at the DMV.

Cottered cranks and a cool chainguard. 
A festive spoke treatment.