Saturday, August 11

Marin Cross

More from the Miwok/Bobcat/Old Springs/Marincello continuum, also known as Gerbode and Tennessee Valleys.
Riding the cross bike is totally different than my usual rigid SS Monocog flight, the uphills are great, but the downhills get sketchy rather soon. There is only so much a mediocre 32c 'cross tire can handle before a pinch flat or a wipeout.  Old Springs Trail got especially hairy during the stair section.
This ride and it's wipeouts were a definite factor in my decision to purchase some smoother tires for further on road pursuits (My thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding the Ruffy Tuffy tires by Rivendell and Panaracer to follow.)  For now I'll leave the trail to the trail bike (mostly) and the road to the cross/adventure bike (mostly.)

Friday, August 10

Ultra Tiny Townie Bars

Spotted at Church and 15th, shown here with normal sized human hands:

Even the Oury grips have been miniaturized.  I can only imagine these are the townie version of those tiny flat bars on fixies, for the dutch mom who needs to squeeze through in tight traffic situations.

Pinarello in the Mist

An otherwise warm and sunny ride abruptly consumed by a vicious costal fog.

Still loving this ride, especially through such a Middle Earth-like landscape.

The Microclimates of Mount Sutro

Dry on the east side.  Mud on the west side.  Clogged.

Thanks for the stickers Matt, they look good with mud.

Thursday, August 9

A Tumble in the Bramble

It's Blackberry season, perfect time to stop for a trailside snack on mother nature.

Try not to summersault into thorny patch.  Getting in is easy, getting out's the hard part.

A Few from Sunday Streets

With all the kids, dogs, pedestrians, etc. I don't really like to ride my bike on Valencia during Sunday Streets.  I did, however, take the opportunity to snap a few cool pics of other people's bikes. Like these old Schwinns.

...And this fabric wrapped burner bike.

Urban MTB: John McLaren Park

Last week I decided to seek out the trails in yet another of San Francisco's many urban parks.  John McLaren park is one of theCity's larger and least developed green spaces, and one with a somewhat  sordid reputation.  It also has some sweet trails and great potential!

The terrain at McLaren was varied and some of the trails have some decent flow, especially those towards the south side of the park's 317 acres.

I spent a few minutes with the seat down low tricking around on this super cool empty stage

The park seemed almost empty during most of my two or so hours of exploring, save the multitudes of dog walkers that seemed to congregate at one particular spot.

If you live within a mile of this park I would definitely check it out.  My ride to McLaren's trails is rather brutal, making  return visit an arduous prospect.  I will most likely come back to test the park's trails again, but the proximity and flow will keep me riding Sutro when I look for singletrack in theCity.

Ride safe!