Thursday, February 23

More Marin (And Some Mill Valley)

I spent some time co-housestitting in Mill Valley last week and thus had a chance to to explore the Marin trail system further north than I have before.

Grueling climbs, fast switchbacks, miles and miles of available trails: this was some real mountain biking.

I feel like my bike handling skills have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months of riding, which is great since I'll be racing this year.  I've been practicing a lot of what I learned from this video  I found recommended on a MTBR forum thread.  The skills really translate to any type of riding, and practicing them has helped me to be more conscious of my body positioning while riding, which has made me a lot more confident going faster.

After chasing a bobcat on the descent into Muir Beach I found this great old barn at the bottom of the trail.

The beach was beautiful, the southward climb out was torturous.

Wednesday, February 8

Mount Rootro

I took a little post-rain/pre-work at Mt. Sutro this morning.  As usual it was fantastic.
In the misty morning for the park really becomes somewhat prehistoric.  I  found that the roots on the trail, which normally just make for a fun and bumpy ride, had taken on another life due to the wet conditions. 
They were slippery anacondas, threatening to throw me off the trail at every encounter; I was sliding around on spots that normally offer no real problems.  Some usually tame techy climbs proved to be quite a challenge. 

Mt. Sutro is a many headed beast.

Tuesday, February 7

Time For a Bigger Bike?

I may be entering the Bikesnob's territory of cockpit scrutiny, but at some pint it's time to take the hint (from your stack of spacers) and get a new bike that fits you...

Such a well appointed Surly to be set up so horrendously.