Wednesday, January 25

Mount Sutro: Round 2

I just returned from an amazing ride up and around the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco.  I think this time I got Mt. Sutro right.

The ride began with a slog up the road to the Twin Peaks lookout; I stopped and drank in the city form this lofty perch while recovering from the aforementioned grind up the hill.

I had done my homework this time; I knew that I could hop the guard rail at the second hairpin and meander my way to the trails running down the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.  I was not getting lost or pushing my bike up any impassable trails today!

I stopped briefly at Sutro Tower to take some vanity shots (The first one) and made my way down the twisty singletrack to 17th Avenue and home.  Luckily I only encountered one very nice lady and her very cute dog on the trail as I was hopped up on adrenaline and really flying down. Video was shot, which I'll post when I figure out how.  I can see how these trails, linked with a GGP ride at the end could make for a very enjoyable couple hours of riding.  I did all this in less than one hour, door to door.

Friday, January 20

Sunnier Days

I know, I know...we need the rain.  But I've got bikes to ride and pictures to take.  Sure, I could go ride around on the road, but honestly the dirt is where my heart is.

Here's to sunnier days; on the trail, or drinkin' in the park.

Be safe out there, watch out for MUNI tracks.

Sail Boat

I just came across this picture of my old (stolen) Monocog with a sweet sailing ship in the background. Way cool!

Thursday, January 19

You Are...

Some cool sticker placement on 16th and Guerrero:

Love your bike.

New Kicks

Don't you hate it when people call shoes kicks?

I just picked up a pair of the DVS/Cadence Rico cycling shoes, they were a smokin' deal on the skateboard site Premier.  So good of a deal in fact, that my buddy immediately ordered a pair after I showed them off on their maiden voyage.

The Ricos are equipped with an extra stiff sole for pushing platform pedals and a "Road Rash Technology" canvas upper.  I've definitely noticed the stiffness of the sole while riding, and not too much while walking.  So far, I'd say they're a win.  I'd also highly recommend Premier for skate style stuff, super fast shipping, tracking, and a free sticker and set of chopsticks with my order.

Update:  They're like, waterproofish!

Saturday, January 14

Staircase to Heaven

A few days ago I explored the trail network at Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve for the first time, and it was great!  After a convoluted effort to find my way to the mountain-bikable trails I found a savior in spandex who beckoned me to "Follow! It's Awesome!"

I bounced and skidded my way after him on my over inflated tires and eventually had to stop to air down; once I did the fun truly began.  The trails were great: fast and twisty, with rolling jumps and bermed switchbacks.  I felt like I was really mountain biking, right here in The City!

I've since found out through the guys on the MTBR forums that there are a few different groups which advocate for and work on the trail system:  SFUrbanRiders and Sutro Stewards. I look forward to checking out both of these organizations and doing my part to promote mountain biking in San Francisco.

At the bottom of the trail system I came out on Stanyan to a staircase which I had completely missed when trying to find the entrance.  Now I know how to get in.

I wish I had taken more pictures, and that I hadn't filmed the whole thing with my helmet cam upside down!  Oh well, an excuse to go back.  Like today.

Tuesday, January 3

Happy New Year and Such

Happy New Years from Stubecontinued!  I've got some great new stuff in the works for 2012.  This will be the first year I plan to really try some singlespeed racing, building a new "race bike" and  looking at the Sea Otter Classic and other bay area races to get my feet wet in the racing world.  I'm also working on a new bicycle based WebTV/YouTube show called The Bike Stand with my best friend Matt out in Boulder Colorado.  We'll be focusing on multiple aspects of the growing bike culture revolution; from interviews with bike brands and businesses, reviews of bike gear, covering events like the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this spring, doing DIY bicycle projects, filming rides and races in Boulder and Northern California, to bike based skits and entertaining fluff.  I've been experimenting with using my new Contour Roam helmet camera and reaching out to the network of "bike folks" I've built up over the last few years.  We have a Facebook page up, we have a plethora of ideas for content, and we have a drive to create entertaining content that reflects our passion for cycling.  Keep an eye out for more biking the good life in 2012!