Saturday, December 17

Raleigh Elkhorn

I recently had the brief pleasure of knowing this Raleigh Elkhorn Mountain Tour of unknown 80's vintage.
From the wide pull canti-brakes to the bullmoose handlebars and thumb shifters this bike is just plain cool.
The geometry is decidedly old school but this thing ascends like a mountain goat, despite weighing well over thirty five pounds.
I wish I had kept it a little longer, but it was too big and space is at a premium in the apartment.  Such is the bike continuum!

1 comment:

  1. Nice bike. I continue to ride my Elkhorn and it looks exactly like this model. A few items have been updated on mine, but mostly they where early 90's updates (Deore/XT derailleurs, shifters) and a recently added Brooks green B17 saddle. About the only non-stock item I see on your bike (at least that is different from mine), is that seat.