Tuesday, May 24

Post Apolcalyptic Graffiti

Some cool graffiti below Land's End, this must be what the world will look like after the impending rapture... wait, that passed already?

Monday, May 9

Sausilito Sunrise

A few pics from one of my last rides with the Monocog..

Sac Shots

A few early morning pictures of the train bridge over the Sacramento River from a recent trip home.

Saturday, May 7

More Happy News!

A broken collarbone from the second worse bike accident I've ever experienced!  looks like at least four weeks until I'll be back in the saddle, and even then it will have to be a new bike because Muni "lost and found" lost my bike after it had been found.  (in my best Will Arnett) "Typical." I guess his is the dark side of cycling in this beautiful city.

Muni Stole my Monocog!

Friday morning I left my bike on the front of a San Francisco Muni bus as I transferred to another bus, it was early in the morning and I decided on a whim to ride the bus instead of my bike.  I immediately reported my mistake and was told that my bike had been located, and I could pick it up on the route or after work at the "Presidio Station."  I arrived at the station after work only to find a sign informing me that the lost and found had been moved to S. Van Ness ave. Great.  Another call and assurance that I could pick up my bike at the lost and found on Monday.  Monday came and my bike was nowhere to be found, and no help to be had.   The only conclusion I can come to is that my bike was stolen internally by a Muni employee while it was "in transit." Thieves are everywhere!

Sunday, May 1


I've said my goodbye's to the 24" cruiser, I'm just not committed enough to wreck myself pulling tricks... gettin' old... for now.