If you read this blog you may not know that I am a big follower of the BMX scene, I used to ride 20" bikes, and I love watching just about any "freestyle" riding.  Here's some proof:

Those are my feet... And here's a good picture of Scott eating dirt (literally) in my ol' backyard:

In my daily bike research I recently came across the site Cruiser Revolution, a great page that focuses on 24" cruisers, especially the new surge of freestyle 24's.

 (Photo from the Mongoose)
Though I don't have a cruiser I have decided to build or buy one as my next bike.  I briefly tried 20" again a few years ago and my lower back just couldn't handle it.  More recently I tried a 26" dirt jumper, which I found just too heavy and ungainly to take advantage of smaller transitions and terrain.

Here's to grown-ups on freestyle bikes, Cruiser Revolution, and what I hope will be my new magic number: 24


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your 24 adventure!

    24s are a blast!


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