Field Trips SF: Sutro Baths

If you live in the City and you haven't made it out to The Sutro Baths (or the ruins thereof) you really must make it a point to visit.  What you'll find is a modern ruin on the ocean, a Caracalla-esque testament to the bathing beauties of the turn of the century and beyond.

Natale Eve and I took advantage of the unbelievable (high 70's!) weather and rode out to Sutro last weekend.  We even went off road to ride right down to the ruins.

Bikes locked and ready to explore.

First, we took a trip into a long dark tunnel.  The breaking waves rolled in like thunder in that cave.

It was neat how as erosion has taken hold; the old walls, foundations, and stairs have returned to an almost organic state.

Even the ancient iron bolts have become something like petrified wood...

... or jagged teeth.


Graffiti shots.

Nat's new bike performed well and so did my new handlebar setup.

What a day!


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