Monday, February 28

Pacifico Van

I pass this VW bus almost every day on my way to work, usually I'm too late to stop and take a pic.  Pretty cool, who wants a beer?

Mystery Pillar

This little "penny pillar" stands near the bus stop at California and Arguello out in the Richmond District... What does it mean??!

I'm Already Excited!

From EcoVelo: This made me eat the words of my last post... seriously... Sacramento?  I can't wait.

Friday, February 25

Too Sexy?

Can a bike be too sexy?  With all the NAHBS coverage out there I'm starting to suffer from "bike porn overload."

A bike is, after all, a tool. Sure, it's function varies between disciplines (MTB, road, freestyle, recumbent) but a bike is meant to get you from point A to B.  Anyway the bikes are beautiful and you should probably check out prolly for some really fine photos.

Thursday, February 24

Tuesday, February 22

The Thieves' Road

Another sunny day, another shadow dappled ride on "The Thieves' Road."  Out the door, make a left, up the street straight to the trail.  This time I went west, towards Ocean Beach, riding through the "wings" of Fulton Avenue.

This was the way to go, there are so many interconnected trails each with it's own type of ride.  I had to double back a few times to make sure I didn't miss anything fun.

The end of the line brought me to a windmill.

And the ocean.

It has certainly become beautiful again, I was getting a little sick of the freezing rain and hail rides.

Fun roots in the city.

My street, the view from one park to another.

Monday, February 21

My Most Local Trails

This morning I seized the opportunity presented by the relative dryness to go for a quick off road jaunt at what is probably the nearest trail to my front door.  I assume the trail to be semi-legal do to the lack of those "crossed-out-bike-symbol" signs.  The entrance is conveniently located between two compact sedans.

 It's what my friends and I would call a "thieves road," the side trail a highwayman might use to overtake a passing carriage traveling the main way.  Yeah, I'm a dork.

Notice the cars and apartments looming just past the trees, the trail is really just a strip of land between two busy streets.

There is a short, rocky technical section.....

Those pesky no-bike signs always seem to hang above the tastiest singletrack.

It's pretty nice to have a mini redwood forest fifteen minutes up the road and down the trail.

Friday, February 18

Wednesday, February 16

Presidio Stunts

I took a rainy ride in the Presidio yesterday and found a few fun stunts that have been put up in this lumber staging area right off the Ridge Trail.  Unfortunately I only had my cell with me for documentation.

Jebediah Smith Panda

I came across this mobile panda shot while going through old mobile pics and it left me nostalgic for Sacramento.  The river, the pace, the flatness; it really was the easy life.

Thursday, February 10

Coyote Morning

 Good morning city, you're certainly looking pretty.

A pre- sunrise ride across the Golden Gate.

I meant to go off road.

I didn't make it the trail, too many great views to stop for.

They were out of sight, but the coyotes (that's "cay-yotes") were singing.  There were signs of them on the road.

Wednesday, February 9


If you read this blog you may not know that I am a big follower of the BMX scene, I used to ride 20" bikes, and I love watching just about any "freestyle" riding.  Here's some proof:

Those are my feet... And here's a good picture of Scott eating dirt (literally) in my ol' backyard:

In my daily bike research I recently came across the site Cruiser Revolution, a great page that focuses on 24" cruisers, especially the new surge of freestyle 24's.

 (Photo from the Mongoose)
Though I don't have a cruiser I have decided to build or buy one as my next bike.  I briefly tried 20" again a few years ago and my lower back just couldn't handle it.  More recently I tried a 26" dirt jumper, which I found just too heavy and ungainly to take advantage of smaller transitions and terrain.

Here's to grown-ups on freestyle bikes, Cruiser Revolution, and what I hope will be my new magic number: 24

Tuesday, February 8

Sausa-Headlands Ride

I found an excuse to actually ride my Trek touring setup, a road ride through the Presidio, to Sausalito, and the Headlands with Sander and Dan.

I forgot my camera but Sander came through with the fancy camera phone to match his fancy new (to him) Colnago.

Some Sausalito exploration yielded interesting discoveries.

Even though it was a mellow ride I had a little trouble keeping up with the skinny tired race bikes on my 26x1.75 touring set up.  Can you see me back there?

We locked up the bikes at Marin Headlands and hiked up the old bunker which looked exactly like a setting from Star Wars.

Another good ride.

Jurassic Park

I recently stumbled into a new section of Golden Gate Park...

...the prehistoric section.  I felt like I had to watch out for Velociraptors on the sides of the trail.

Field Trips SF: Sutro Baths

If you live in the City and you haven't made it out to The Sutro Baths (or the ruins thereof) you really must make it a point to visit.  What you'll find is a modern ruin on the ocean, a Caracalla-esque testament to the bathing beauties of the turn of the century and beyond.

Natale Eve and I took advantage of the unbelievable (high 70's!) weather and rode out to Sutro last weekend.  We even went off road to ride right down to the ruins.

Bikes locked and ready to explore.

First, we took a trip into a long dark tunnel.  The breaking waves rolled in like thunder in that cave.

It was neat how as erosion has taken hold; the old walls, foundations, and stairs have returned to an almost organic state.

Even the ancient iron bolts have become something like petrified wood...

... or jagged teeth.


Graffiti shots.

Nat's new bike performed well and so did my new handlebar setup.

What a day!