Bay Dirt

I finally crossed the Golden Gate on today's ride.  On the north side of the bridge I descended first to Sausalito.

I climbed back to bridge and decided to ride on the first dirt fire road I could find.  It was the road to Kirby Cove.

The ride to the cove was amazing, a fast smooth well groomed dirt road, and all down hill.  Waiting on the secluded beach was this washed up cargo crate (pirate chest?)

I was surprised to find a permit-only campground.

The ride out was grueling and slow but I made it up to the street with only a break or two.  I liked the sign upon entering the Golden Gate Bridge bike lane listing the mileage to both the Presidio and the country of Mexico.

In this shot Kirby cove is the second, more heavily vegetated cove on the left.


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