Thursday, January 27

It's Me Against the Slanted Ground

My last ride took me back to Marin for more fire road fun.  This time time I passed Kirby Cove and slogged up the hill to the roundabout, where I found my next piece of bay dirt.

I spotted this trail head just as another mountain biker pedaled out of the entrance.  The sign read "Coastal Trail" and explained that the trail was legal for bikes and horses.

The path was a pretty mellow mix of gravel and hard pack service road/horse trail, all down hill with some fun turns.

From the the other end of the trail it seemed to be called "Slacker Ridge," I would later find it an appropriate name.

Immediately across the paved road I found the Rodeo Valley Trail, with an hour to spare before I had to head back to the city I decided to press on.

And up.
The ride proved to be rather tame, not counting the never ending climbing.  The way down was a blast, and at the bottom I was treated to a rare sight.


A bobcat!

Tuesday, January 25

Battery Graffiti

A sample of some of the impressive art I've encountered whilst exploring the back roads and military batteries dotting the SF area.

Save the whales.

Monday, January 24

Bay Dirt

I finally crossed the Golden Gate on today's ride.  On the north side of the bridge I descended first to Sausalito.

I climbed back to bridge and decided to ride on the first dirt fire road I could find.  It was the road to Kirby Cove.

The ride to the cove was amazing, a fast smooth well groomed dirt road, and all down hill.  Waiting on the secluded beach was this washed up cargo crate (pirate chest?)

I was surprised to find a permit-only campground.

The ride out was grueling and slow but I made it up to the street with only a break or two.  I liked the sign upon entering the Golden Gate Bridge bike lane listing the mileage to both the Presidio and the country of Mexico.

In this shot Kirby cove is the second, more heavily vegetated cove on the left.

Shadow Mobile Panda

In case you can't tell, I'm back.  Searching for new employment in a new city has occupied much of my time in recent weeks (with rides fit in wherever possible) but I'm now again a working man who can afford to waste time blogging.

Secret Trails SF

Since I moved to SF a few weeks ago I have been astounded by the amount of off-road riding available within a few minutes ride of my front door.  The Richmond district may be a little out of the way and have a foggy reputation, but the riding situation is great.  My own avenue runs into the Presidio at one end and Golden Gate Park at the other, with both Land's end and Marin within a reasonable distance.
I have come across trails of all kinds in my explorations, from tiny connectors to full on sweeping single track, muddy double tracked service roads and sandy beach bluffs, urban obstacles even full on gnarly trails!  Here's a taste:


15 Minute Single Speed Conversion

My buddy Matt came out last week with his mountain bike and the intention to go single speed on the cheap.  This is what we came up with:

We were lucky to find an old exploded Shimano 600 derailer in my parts bin.

The derailer was disassembled and bent into a newly functional shape in no time; the beautiful sunny day urged us to work quickly.  Soon we had single speed.

And we rode.

Thursday, January 13

Nice Bike!

This cool Concorde has a few neat things going on.  I like the oversized cargo rack, the chrome front fork, and especially the hand knit top tube sweater.

Continued Exploration

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful weather and further explored the Presidio and it's trail networks.

I decided to take the "fun" bike.

The old military batteries make for an impressive playground.

I spied a trio of incoming freighters.

...and a GBH

Tuesday, January 11

Fenders are Freedom

Installing full fenders on my Trek 930 was one of the wisest moves I've ever made.  I used to dislike the idea of fenders. I rode through the rain and changed out of my drenched clothes when I reached my destination.  At the time I considered the discomfort a badge of honor.  I've grown older and seem to make better decisions more often; hence fenders.  Fenders let me go out and enjoy a dry ride on a day like today.

Sunday, January 9

Fighting the Culture of Fear

I know I'm late to post this particular Ted Talk, but the speaker Mikael Colville Andersen makes some great points on on the ridiculous hypocrisy of our safety oriented culture and how bikes can fight back...enjoy.

Tuesday, January 4

Coming Soon: Stubecontinued SF!

Like many bloggers around the holidays my posting has come to an almost complete stop, but I have another excuse:
I'm moving to San Francisco tomorrow!

Here's a strange cloud formation I saw the other day in Sac:

Stay tuned for SF bike content!