Tuesday, December 27

'Twas the Day After Christmas

...and I had the whole day to myself, time for a mountain bike ride.  I took my singlespeed Haro 650b out for a little trail to trail action, linked by a ride over The Golden Gate.  First came the Presidio.
After crossing the bridge I stopped by the water for some epic backdrop scenery.
 I also took out my Contour Roam helmet camera for the first time.  I came up with a lot of boring climbing footage with a soundtrack of my wheezing and throat-clearing.  But what fun it is to go home and re-live a ride!

Friday, December 23

It Thinks it's a Mountain Bike

I've been having a real blast riding my SS commuter on every off-road trail I can find, this one's part of my commute home.

I can't wait to get my current project together for a little urban MTB action, this spot is just asking for a little fat-tire creativity. Wall ride, drop off, logs to roll.
So far I've started stripping the paint...

Wednesday, December 21

Sunset Silhouette

The MB-2 has since moved on, but we'll always remember the happy times we had together.

Tuesday, December 20

SS Touring

My trusty SS, set up for a four night stay at The California World Music Festival in Grass Valley California.  Though we didn't ride the whole way from SF to the festival we did bring our camping gear and supplies by bicycle with a little assistance from public transportation. It was a haul.

Saturday, December 17

Daredevil SSCX

Yeah... I rode the whole thing.

Raleigh Elkhorn

I recently had the brief pleasure of knowing this Raleigh Elkhorn Mountain Tour of unknown 80's vintage.
From the wide pull canti-brakes to the bullmoose handlebars and thumb shifters this bike is just plain cool.
The geometry is decidedly old school but this thing ascends like a mountain goat, despite weighing well over thirty five pounds.
I wish I had kept it a little longer, but it was too big and space is at a premium in the apartment.  Such is the bike continuum!

Wednesday, December 14

I Fell 4 U

Sweet sentiment spotted on the bike path through the panhandle of Golden Gate Park.

Monday, December 12

Black Beausage

My favorite bikes tend to be the ones with a sort of cobbled together aesthetic, there's something about a mix of vintage and new parts that just speaks to me.  I also like my bikes to have a healthy dose of "beausage."
It's not really your bike until you've added you own scrapes and scuffs.
The vintage Nitto handlebars have really completed my newest ride, a 200? Raleigh One Way I picked up off craigslist in Sacramento.  These bars have both vintage cache and came pre-beausaged from their former life on a Bridgestone MB-2.

I also got to indulge my irrational love of Shimano 600 cranks.
All in all, this bike has become a reflection of my own bicycle philosophy.

Wiggle Squiggles

I don't know who took the time to stencil and shade these little "wiggle squiggles" on the sharrows along The City's premiere cross town bike route, but they've been making me smile all week.
Here's a closer look:

Saturday, December 10


SSCXWC Pics.  Late.

The mud pit was truly epic, wish I had gotten a picture of the wet and dirty costumed dance party happening during the womens race.

The Snottube

With the cold snap and chilly mornings, I move that we change the name from "top tube" to "snot tube."
Drip drip drip drip.

Wednesday, November 2

Full Sus First Timer

I did manage to have a little fun in Tahoe pre-knee.  Rented some full suspension bikes and rode some real Sierra chunk.  *Please excuse the dorky rental helmet.

The Same Knee

Healing up pretty good here, just hoping I'll be ready to ride by Sacramento Tweed.  I can't wait to see all of Sac's usual bicycle suspects, minus Whit of course (we'll miss you buddy.)

Sunday, October 30

Better Days

I finally snagged myself a Bridgestone MB of the upper echelon. This 1988 MB-2 may not be as light as the nicer tubed later models but it sure makes me happy. I can not wait to get back on the trail!

Sunday, October 23

Saturday, October 22

Out of commission

Well, I won't be riding for a little while thanks to a hiking mishap. Three layers of stitches and swell and some meat to grow back.

Friday, July 8

Killer Potholes in the Inner Richmond SF

I passed this formidable pothole on my way home from work last week.  I'm glad I didn't ride into it, then I might have to true my wheels!

Tuesday, May 24

Post Apolcalyptic Graffiti

Some cool graffiti below Land's End, this must be what the world will look like after the impending rapture... wait, that passed already?