Driving Makes Me Angry

Yes, I have a car... for now. With a move to SF looming in the distance we have decided to sell my formerly beloved Mitsubishi and embrace the car-free lifestyle at least for a while. We all know that driving makes you fat, cars are speeding metal death-boxes, and all that other pro-velo propaganda. Sitting in traffic will drive anyone crazy enough to commute by bike. I'd like to add another reason why I'm glad to be rid of the car; getting lost in San Francisco while driving sucks! You get caught in the flow of traffic. You can't stop conveniently to get your bearings and if you're on the freeway you may have to wait miles for the next opportunity to turn around. The other day I found myself accidentally paying two tolls in the bay, caught in the inexorable flow of spawning cars I was unable to turn around. Goodbye car, all you really did was irritate me.


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