Friday, November 26

Good Business Practices

My buddy Matt recently tore open the headtube welds (!) on his Eightinch Scrambler.  His frame was a V1 that's been used and abused for a couple years, but he went to Eightinch with the break just to be sure it wasn't a manufacturing defect.

The break

Eighthinch came through with a new frame in raw for only the cost of shipping!

The new build, on the new and improved V3 frame.

Well played Eighthinch, Matt loves his new bike!

The Well Dressed Velophile

Here they are, the people of Sacramento's tweed ride:

Natale Eve and a nice Salsa

Hangin' out at Revolution Wines/Temple Coffee

Thanks for letting us fill your parking lot!

Taking tweed to the streets

On the steps

Sunday, November 21

Nice Bike! Sac Tweed Edition

I bring to you only a few of the many beautiful, strange, and wonderful bikes of this Sunday's Sacramento Tweed Ride:
There were a few Rivendells, the first I had seen in person and every bit as elegant as I expected.

I loved this "wooden" treatment, woodgrain contact paper cut to fit around the lugs of an older Panasonic track bike.

Many of the bikes out shared similar styling cues, but I particularly liked the vagabond chic of this classic.

Obligatory kooky tall bike...

The ride was so much fun and I'll definitely be coming out for the next. 

Saturday, November 20


It seems I've been in SF a lot lately, and luckily my bike has come too.

On the last visit, my childhood best friend and I rode to Marin Headlands, the site of our best-ever elementary school field trips.  Nostalgia ensued.

I should have taken more pictures but the ride was just too good!

Innertube Innovations

OK, so “innovation” may be a slight exaggeration, but any new use for old tubes is good, right?  While this is nowhere near as cool as the presta-valve fender attatchment seen recently on the Problem Solvers blog, it’s certainly a product of the same spirit.  I also love the twined water bottles over at at Lovely Bicycle! And I consider this a different take on the same idea.  Little rings of 26” inner tube become grip and shock absorption for a Kleen Kanteen, ensuring a rattle-free water bottle cage experience.

Friday, November 19

The Dawes Galaxy

A picture from the rear because this is how she left me.
I'm just glad to know another frame is out there riding through another life.

Sometimes the Grey...

...serves a purpose, today it was to put into perspective how intense the autumn leaves really are.
The day started with a back ache and the faint promise of rain to come, it wasn't long though before the fall colors had started to brighten my day.
Industry marches on:

I couldn't resist some new bicycle (and new building) glamor shots...

...or the giant mirror.


Friday, November 12

Chilly Panda

Tried to take a picture of the beautiful fall colors...

... ended up with a shot of my ugly mug.. brrrr....


This young lady happens to be my mother...

...first bike she's owned in over twenty five years!
Ride On Mom!

Nice bike!

I love the name but it doesn't fit, unless it refers to the foremost piece of junk with a cool headbadge.