Jack of All Trades

I strive in my daily life to be worthy of the title "renaissance man" or at least a Jack-of-All-Trades, capable of handling any of the many situations that may arise. To this effect I tend to repair my own things, bake my own bread, build my own bikes. I am dabble successfully in different aspects of an ever increasing sphere of interests. I find that I like bikes that fit the "renaissance mold" as well, like my current build; A 198(3?) Centurion Lemans 12...

The Lemans 12 is a great little ride with tange champion double butted tubes, lugs (ooh my favorite) and a consistently head turning paint job.  I built it up rough-stuff style with 32c 'cross tires and riser bars; fast and ready for whatever the world may bring.

Classy build includes mavic/shimano 600 wheels, 600 cranks, titanium railed flight saddle, soma late risers, and the unexpectedly awesome Mafac Racer brakes:


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