Sunday, June 20

Farmers market Sunday...

..and she's carrying the load of flowers, fruits, and fresh veggies. Riding while sampling a little kakigori from the Japanese grocery.

Saturday, June 19

Swiftly Thrifting

There's almost nothing I love more than a good thrift store, and lucky for you I'm about to share that love
For those in Sactown, the SPCA is the best thrift store around, great deals, great donations (stuff), and a good cause. Always best to ride the racked and basketed bike, there is just too much great stuff, waiting to start a new life.
Here are a few of my recent grabs:
Books about bikes!

Great French polarized glasses!

Brand new rock climbing shoes with the tags on to replace the ones that were stolen a day before!!!?

crazy good..

Friday, June 18

A good trick

I give you the humble burrito wrap; it's the seatbag's deadbeat half brother,the bastard offspring of a kitchen towel and a toe strap.
One day I wanted to carry all my stuff (including an adjustable wrench, leatherman, pump, and patch kit) without putting anything on my back, this trick was the ticket.

Thanks again to Grant Petersen's Rivendell bikes for this tip, you can buy a nice piece of cloth made expressly for this purpose from them here
I started with a scavenged square of nice linen from the garage:

I arranged my necessities into a neat semi-cylindrical shape:


and roll:


now strap that spicy roll up under your seat (especially the gaping cavity beneath a fine leather saddle) and ride!

a new one

my newest creation: a 1971(?) Dawes Galaxy(?) Intricate lugs, chrome, and British racing green. What more could you ask for? Fat 'cross tires, fixed gear, and a vintage Pletscher rack from switzerland top off this pile of fun.

Off Road Fixed

... apparently it's blowing up in sac, fun, but I'll leave the hucking to more qualified individuals.

Saturday, June 5