Thursday, December 23

A nice rack

I just sent this little vintage MaFac specific rack to a new owner, hopefully one who will appreciate French bikes more than myself..

Freedom Is...

I am by no means a religious man but...... HALLELUJAH!

Friday, December 17

Tall and pink

I don't know how this picture managed to escape the tweed posts...

...this bike has made my day at at least two rides in the last month

Driving Makes Me Angry

Yes, I have a car... for now. With a move to SF looming in the distance we have decided to sell my formerly beloved Mitsubishi and embrace the car-free lifestyle at least for a while. We all know that driving makes you fat, cars are speeding metal death-boxes, and all that other pro-velo propaganda. Sitting in traffic will drive anyone crazy enough to commute by bike. I'd like to add another reason why I'm glad to be rid of the car; getting lost in San Francisco while driving sucks! You get caught in the flow of traffic. You can't stop conveniently to get your bearings and if you're on the freeway you may have to wait miles for the next opportunity to turn around. The other day I found myself accidentally paying two tolls in the bay, caught in the inexorable flow of spawning cars I was unable to turn around. Goodbye car, all you really did was irritate me.

Wednesday, December 8


Unfixed from chris akrigg on Vimeo.
While I generally prefer not to repost things which are making the blog rounds I couldn't resist this.  I'm all for riding bikes outside of their intended discipline, and I've been wanting a freewheeling "fixed" freestyler for a while.  Thanks to Lockedcog for turning me on to this vid.

Friday, November 26

Good Business Practices

My buddy Matt recently tore open the headtube welds (!) on his Eightinch Scrambler.  His frame was a V1 that's been used and abused for a couple years, but he went to Eightinch with the break just to be sure it wasn't a manufacturing defect.

The break

Eighthinch came through with a new frame in raw for only the cost of shipping!

The new build, on the new and improved V3 frame.

Well played Eighthinch, Matt loves his new bike!

The Well Dressed Velophile

Here they are, the people of Sacramento's tweed ride:

Natale Eve and a nice Salsa

Hangin' out at Revolution Wines/Temple Coffee

Thanks for letting us fill your parking lot!

Taking tweed to the streets

On the steps

Sunday, November 21

Nice Bike! Sac Tweed Edition

I bring to you only a few of the many beautiful, strange, and wonderful bikes of this Sunday's Sacramento Tweed Ride:
There were a few Rivendells, the first I had seen in person and every bit as elegant as I expected.

I loved this "wooden" treatment, woodgrain contact paper cut to fit around the lugs of an older Panasonic track bike.

Many of the bikes out shared similar styling cues, but I particularly liked the vagabond chic of this classic.

Obligatory kooky tall bike...

The ride was so much fun and I'll definitely be coming out for the next. 

Saturday, November 20


It seems I've been in SF a lot lately, and luckily my bike has come too.

On the last visit, my childhood best friend and I rode to Marin Headlands, the site of our best-ever elementary school field trips.  Nostalgia ensued.

I should have taken more pictures but the ride was just too good!

Innertube Innovations

OK, so “innovation” may be a slight exaggeration, but any new use for old tubes is good, right?  While this is nowhere near as cool as the presta-valve fender attatchment seen recently on the Problem Solvers blog, it’s certainly a product of the same spirit.  I also love the twined water bottles over at at Lovely Bicycle! And I consider this a different take on the same idea.  Little rings of 26” inner tube become grip and shock absorption for a Kleen Kanteen, ensuring a rattle-free water bottle cage experience.

Friday, November 19

The Dawes Galaxy

A picture from the rear because this is how she left me.
I'm just glad to know another frame is out there riding through another life.

Sometimes the Grey...

...serves a purpose, today it was to put into perspective how intense the autumn leaves really are.
The day started with a back ache and the faint promise of rain to come, it wasn't long though before the fall colors had started to brighten my day.
Industry marches on:

I couldn't resist some new bicycle (and new building) glamor shots...

...or the giant mirror.


Friday, November 12

Chilly Panda

Tried to take a picture of the beautiful fall colors...

... ended up with a shot of my ugly mug.. brrrr....


This young lady happens to be my mother...

...first bike she's owned in over twenty five years!
Ride On Mom!

Nice bike!

I love the name but it doesn't fit, unless it refers to the foremost piece of junk with a cool headbadge.

Sunday, September 12


The first day I rode with my new bell I greeted every single cyclist I saw with bright and cheery ring of the dinger.

Reactions were varied, but from now on I'll always have at least one bike with a bell.

Erm... Nice Bike!

I spotted this ride outside Safeway this afternoon, judging by the shillelagh, the bike must belong to some sort of wizard or druid.  Judging by the fork pegs, this wizard likes to cruise in comfort; add the life preserver and he's ready for anything.

Hit the Trail

I managed to make it out to Salmon Falls (Darrington) trail for some "real" mountain biking Sunday morning.  All I can say is it has been too long

I was blown away by the hues of the late summer foothills:

Scott came along, and kept up with ease on his vintage SS ride:

To my surprise and satisfaction I was easily able to ride just about everything in my new 32x15 gearing, passing some gearies in the process.

Blood was shed, but all in all it was a fantastic ride:

Thursday, September 9


My good friend Matt rides a brakeless fixed-freestyle setup:

While Matt has plenty of other bikes which might be more suited to the daily commute, his Scrambler tends to be his main ride on the mean streets of San Francisco.  Big hills and no brakes can lead to some interestingly worn pairs of shoes:

That divit is a result of using a hasty foot against the wheel as a brake... 
To all you crazy folks: ride safe out there

Monday, September 6



It's mornings like these that I realize how much I enjoy Sactown.  Midtown especially has this amazing tendency to transform between a small town and a happening (little) city; maybe it just exists as both. Ten thirty am and the only activity is at the coffee shops, the empty streets are a cyclists dream.  But anyone who has been here on a Second Saturday or even a busy Friday knows these streets can fill up.  Unfortunately I was having so much fun joyriding and people watching that I didn't take any pictures, so here's a few stand ins:

The city from afar..

One half of The Amber House Bed & Breakfast Inn

Sunday, September 5

Mercier Mystery

I picked up this interesting French bike from "the List" today, I've determined it to be a Mercier, possibly a Mercier 100 from the late sixties.  The former owner said he rode this bike to the Yosemite Valley from Sacramento in 1976, and added the small Mafac rack for easy access to six packs of beer.... needless to say it's led quite a life.

One selling point, according to the posting, was these "Eclair" cranks:

Sometimes it's all in the details:

In the end I think the bike was a good buy, I'll use the Mafac brakes to replace my not-so-nice pair and pass the other parts on to the vintage french bike enthusiasts and break even at least.

Saturday, September 4

Nice Bike!

The headbadge from a really cool "Azuki" bike locked up outside one of my favorite places in Sac. There is just something about a yellow bike that is so right, epecially when the paint is still so shiny! In the second pic you can see the interesting "bent" frame pump mounted inside the frame..