Friday, January 20

Updated Quiver

All City Nature Boy Disc
When you're the "bike guy" to people you tend to just acquire bikes.  In the face of this adversity I've managed to whittle my collection of bikes down to 4, not counting frames and wheels.  Well, OK 5, but that Bridgestone was sooo cheap and I just got it flip...

The first of my new-school flock was this All City Nature Boy Disc.  My first external BB and my first carbon component(!!!) are both mounted on this bike.  I've since moved even further from my former retrogrouchery with tubeless wheels, carbon forks, and hydro discs on newer builds.

Steel will always be real.

Game Changers

New Year. New Bike.

...New Me?

Looking forward to to further shredding (still called shredding on road and fireroads, right?) on this beast.  2016 was a tough year, and all I got was this titanium dream machine. I guess I'll need to turn in my retrogrouch card.

Friday, October 30

Newly Bike-Centered Life

After a decade of devotion to the two wheeled idol I am happy to say I've joined the clergy.

What began as a Sunday side-gig to my "real" job in luxury hospitality management became a catalyst to a huge life change- I have left my comfortable position for something less certain but infinitely more rewarding. I get to work in the Retrogrouch shop!

Adam, with a wee bike.
Refried Cycles is a small bike shop in the Castro-Mission neighborhood of San Francisco; we specialize in restorations and rebuilds of lugged steel bikes from the 80's and 90's. We have a large collection of vintage parts and new accessories as well as a full service repair shop.

The new job also allows much more time and mental energy for riding and touring so stay tuned for a relaunched Stubecontinued.

From a recent two-night tour.

Wednesday, February 18

Still Riding

I know, I've been gone for a couple of years.  What can I say? Life happens.
Here's one of the current rides on this morning's ride. More to come

Recently acquired 1980(ish) KHS Olympian. Reynolds 531, racy angles, and a SS drivetrain makes for a great "quick-morning-rider." 28c Rivendell Roly Poly tires let me make take a dirt detour every now and again.

Monday, February 4

(Re)discovered New(ly legal) Trails

Someone's been working in Golden Gate park while I've been away.

This new trail leads through a fun twisty section at the North-East side of the park, and eventually up to the old horseshoe courts.  How cool to see mountain bikers accepted and welcomed into GGP trail networks.  Long live urban singletrack!

Tuesday, November 13

Glen Canyon Trails

I've been meaning to make the trek out to Glen Canyon Park for a while now and last week I finally made it.  Fun, but too tiny to warrant the trip.

Monday, November 12

Ruffy Tuffy

Great skinwall tires from Rivendell. So round, so supple, so Ruffy Tuffy.